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    The Canteen and Maintenance is an important job that needs to be done by every family once per year. You have nominated the months that suit you rather than us picking a month for you. If you are unable to attend your month IT IS UP TO YOU to arrange a swap with someone else.

    There are maintenance jobs to be done on the Saturday before pony club and then on the Sunday you need to arrive and start preparing the canteen by 9am. The urn must be turned on early as well as the egg and bacon needs to be cooked for breakfast. For the jobs at the canteen there is a list in the clubrooms explaining the roles to do. The maintenance jobs to be done on Saturday and include a tidy of the clubhouse, wiping all the benches, setting the tables for the junior theory and cleaning of the toilets. The menages need to be raked and the big menage needs to be divided into three. Jumps have to be set up as per the rally format. There are a minumum of three familes on canteen and maintenance each month. 

    Click Here for Canteen and Maintenance Roster


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